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Rotobec Elite XT
Rotobec Elite XT.jpg

The Rotobec Elite XT loader brings together power and ease of operation.  Popular with contractors in waste and debris collection, it is also a great ally to rail & forestry contractors.  Despite is relatively light weight, the Elite XT loader combines smoothness and precision with an excellent lift capacity.  The Rotobec Elite XT is offered in several models to choose from.

Elite XT with Rail Tie Grapple Attachment
Elite XT with Rail Tie Grapple Attachment.jpg

Rotobec 60 Loader

The Rotobec 60 loader is recognized for its exceptional construction quality.  Mounted on trucks, it is greatly valued by municipalities for loading and unloading waste and heavy debris.  It provides extremely smooth operation and is relatively lightweight with respect to its lift capacity.  The Rotobec 60 loader features single reversible controls allowing the operator to safely operate the loader on either the driver side or passenger side of the vehicle with up-to a 20 ft. reach.

Rotobec 80SM Loader

The Rotobec 80 SM Loader is very popular with saw mills, sandpit and carbon and aggregate quarry operators, as well as in scrap material transfer centers.  It combines power, ease of operation and excellent lift capacity.  The Rotobec 80 SM Loader can be mounted onto a fixed, concrete platform, powered by an electric power unit and controlled by remote, or by an operator seated in the loader and is offered in several models to choose from.

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